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When it comes to money this sport can cost you when hiring a coach. You may not know where to start or might even not live close enough for me to give you a lesson and watch you master those beautiful moves you desprately want to do. 🙁

That’s why I used youtube and online documents whenever possible and networked with whoever I could in the local inline skating community.

This is the best document I can offer. It’s written by the Inline Certification Program examiner, Naomi Grigg.

Here’s her videos that I used. Highly recommended you start with those videos first.

It’s eating your heart out isn’t it. You stuck reading this blog and no one is there for you to lean on and draw strength from, no team to be with. I was in your shoes 3 years ago before finally having people to teach and get paid for it.

Eventually I found other skaters who appreciated the time I spent showing them how to slalom. My advise is for you to find somone at your level if possible. And if that person acts like they’re too good for you then l reccomend you leave them because it’s hard to always find people who enjoy this sport and they may change their mind sooner than later.


Hi everyone,

Perhaps you used to do freestyle slalom in your country and have come to Queensland and are looking everywhere.

I’m a successful freestyle slalom skate instructor living in Queensland and have competed nationally in freestyle slalom skating.

I used to train people from a variety of cultures some with disabilities, I organized an entire group on the Gold Coast at Runaway Bay and sometimes in Brisbane at Mansfield.

I managed it all, the accounting trying to get people together, finding out a convenient time for everyone to come, making sure when to cancel or not cancel, dividing the individual cost of everyone’s price. And on top of that me and another man from Britain gave tips. I miss those people and their commitment too this sport.

But it has all given me a lot of hands on experience experience in training people from scratch and breaking tricks using person centered planning techniques that trainers use with their students in China.

Some points I do in training.

  • Doing practical warm-ups.
  • Cool-down stretches.
  • Using the Upper body effectively.
  • Adaptive problem solving.
  • Let students decide the more difficult tricks they want to work towards and in doing so I set a path way for them in which they master easier moves that lead towards their milestone.
  • Creating styles that adhere to improving smoothness and basic posture and the power required to keep an effective form.
    Draw markers for students to understand where their feet go.

I have experience in coaching children to develop creativity and starting them from scratch and connecting their parents with skate shops that provide the equipment to help with freestyle slalom.

I also plan to build an effective network that slalom skaters can draw strength from where mutal respect and a friendliness and self-improvement are upheld.

I will cover my services in later blogs should you wish to have a lesson. You can even film the lesson if you want to be able to refer to videos. I should warn you though, don’t see it as a way to save money and not pay for my lessons because at the end of the day there is nothing like hands on training where someone will constantly be able to correct you and make you learn faster.

With an experienced or accredited coach, days spent learning tricks will be mastered in months, weeks or even days depending on their level of difficulty.

Besides that I know people who live on the south side, north side and central side of Queensland and am happy to help get you in touch with others. Growing freestyle slalom throughout the state is a big dream of mine and my highest goal is to have a central location one day where every team that pops up can gather one day to share tricks and solve barriers to participating in this sport should it be finding local skate locations or difficulties in learning new tricks.